What could be more English than a misty day at Windsor Castle with masses of school children frolicking about and bunches of daffodils blooming in the grass?  I’d answer pretty much nothing.

Joan and I arrived at Heathrow on Tuesday morning (February 21) and were met by our guy from Windsor Cars just as planned.  Within almost no time, he had delivered us to our accommodation for the night:  The Crown and Cushion in Eton.  Turns out to have been a brilliant choice as the folks were friendly, the rooms comfy, and the Irish coffee delicious.

We had a delightful visit with Heather, who trained up from Hove, in the mid afternoon before we collapsed from exhaustion.  Next morning we had the full English breakfast minus the beans (out of consideration for those who would be sharing an airplane with us later in the day) and then headed over the river into Windsor to see the changing of the guard and to take a walk through the castle.

Back to the C and C in time for one more Irish coffee before heading back to Heathrow for our flight to New Delhi.

More to follow when my brain is functioning a bit better.

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