Arrivederci, Italia


One of the many moods of the Narni countryside

It’s finally time to head home from this wonderful, long Italian interlude.  We are sorry to leave but now that it’s time to go home, we just want to be home.  Instead, we are sitting in the wee hours at the Hilton Rome Airport getting ready to walk over to terminal 3 to catch our midmorning flight.  But before we head out the door dragging our overloaded suitcases, I want to reflect briefly on my overloaded memories.

This trip had a perfect blend of going from place to place and sitting still.  Our three days in Pisa gave us the chance to recover some of the hours we lost flying to Italy from Oregon as well as the opportunity to learn something new about that city.  Our week of walking the bianche strade (white roads) of our tiny piece of Tuscany provided  very slow travel insights into the countryside and ourselves.  And, our month in Narni helped us to feel what it would be like to live in Italy and to be embraced by the people.

Our friendships with Francesco and Sauro in Perugia have been reinforced. Tamara at our fresh pasta shop in Narni has become a friend as have Massimo at the alimentari, Bruno in Stroncone and the pizza guy at the shop on Piazza Garibaldi.  Going to their shops, visiting with them, getting advice on how to prepare local foods and being told the secrets of the black pizza (powdered carbon) are the types of experiences that draw us back to this place again and again.  Our interactions with these wonderful people make us realize that you don’t have to speak the same language to understand each other and establish friendships.

In addition to all the things Italian that we will miss so much back in Oregon, we will especially miss sharing all of these experiences with our traveling companions who added so much to the mix.  Thanks and much love to all of you.

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One Response to Arrivederci, Italia

  1. Robert Haydon says:

    It has been magical….thank for sharing your favorite places and the delight when discovering new “wows”. Much love, Bob & Connie

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