A Lot o’ Gelato


Decisions, decisions.

This could also be titled, “Gelato, Anyone:  Part Two.”

Tuesday was a long driving day.  We went back up to Montepulciano to visit, and patronize, the copper master.  Suffice it to say that we had a very successful trip and that Montepulciano was every bit as charming and gorgeous as it has been on each of our previous visits.

For me, the highlight of our Tuesday’s outing was our detour back to Pienza to revisit Giuseppe and his incredible gelato.  I had been extolling the virtues of his gelato to Bob and Connie pretty much endlessly once we decided to go there and we were not disappointed.*  Although none of us chose it for a full size scoop, the apple-carrot-ginger gelato was spectacular with flavors as fresh and bright as its orange color was vivid.

Our first course consisted of:

Bob:  Medium cup of hazelnut and dark chocolate;  Connie:  Small cone of dark chocolate; Virginia:  Medium cup of pear-cardamom (oh-my-god good) and pistacchio;  Michael:  Medium cup of pear-cardamom and pistacchio.

We then waited in the shop and watched as many people came in, tasted, and selected their flavors.  We watched as the gelato makers greeted friends.  We smelled the aroma of an ancient flour being toasted in preparation of an “experimental” gelato.  We waited until the zabaglione gelato was finally ready for distribution.

And, then, yes, a second gelato course:

Bob:  Medium cup of kiwi (sharp, crisp and bright green) and pear-cardamom;  Connie:  Small cup of zabaglione (delicate flavor with rich creaminess) and French kiss (peanut and chocolate luxury);  Virginia:  Small cup of zabaglione and dark chocolate;  Michael:  Small cup of zabaglione and dark chocolate.

* Maybe one tiny disappointment:  The farina averno gelato wasn’t ready for tasting while we were there.  I mean, FLOUR gelato!?

Regardless of the flavor or size of gelato one chooses, one is guaranteed a large scoop of heaven at Buon Gusto.


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