Towards Viterbo



On Friday we headed west towards Viterbo.  Villa Lante in the village of Bagnaia was our primary destination.

Villa Lante is another beautiful garden with masses of water works that was created by a 16th century cleric, Cardinal Gambara.  Gosh, they seemed to have had more money and power than good sense, although, truth be told the garden is gorgeous and who else but power corrupt men of the church could afford such extravagances.  And who was there to complain given the Cardinal’s role in the inquisition?

There were very few people at the garden with us, which was a nice change from Rome.  We could actually see the fountains without having to shove our way through masses of gelato-dripping, photo-clicking, and potentially pocket-picking people.  It was quite soothing.

And speaking of dripping gelato, on our way back to Narni we detoured through Sipicciano to taste the recommended gelato at the Caffe Gelateria di Walter.  Michael had his usual, pistachio and dark chocolate, I had pine nut and amarena (cherry).  All four flavors were delectable.

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