A Fine Bromance


Tuna pizza in Terni:  “This slice is for you, Dave.”

I told myself I wasn’t going to write this entry but I guess the slice of tuna pizza this  morning pushed me over the edge.

Michael and I first stayed in Narni in 2012.  But, before Michael and I had stayed in Narni, Michael and Dave had stayed in Narni.

You see, in September 2012, my cousin Claire and I, among others, took a week long watercolor course in Tuscany.  Our spouses came over with us but needed some place to be during that first week.  The answer to this was:  Narni.  We rented an apartment for three weeks and the first week it was just Michael and Dave . . . Dave and Michael.  They did everything together.  They walked together; they shopped together; they ate pizza in Terni together.  You get the picture . . . they bonded.

Fast forward four years to now.  When Paul, Cindy, Michael and I got to Narni three weeks ago and were thinking of things to do, Michael suggested the Narni underground tour.  Sounded good to me but Michael said that he wasn’t interested in going again since he had already been there with Dave but the rest of us should go without him.  Turns out none of us went because we found other things to occupy our time.

Then Paul and Cindy left and Dave and Claire arrived.  Dave mentioned doing the Narni underground tour since neither Claire nor I had done it yet.  Michael asked Dave, “Are you going to go again?”  Dave replied, “Yeah.”  Michael says, “Count me in.”  I say, “WTF??!!”

Then, today, we had to be out of the apartment so that the housekeeper could do her work without us underfoot.  We thought we would take the train to Rome but the weather forecast was not good.  Instead, we decided to do a bit of recce for possible trips to do with Bob and Connie next week.  But, first, we went to Terni to see if my bank card would work any better there that it did here (the answer turned out to be no).  Well, since we were at the Conad superstore, we had to see what the pizza girls had on offer.  Lo and behold, there was a fresh out of the oven tuna pizza, Dave’s favorite.

Michael had to get a slice in Dave’s honor.  I don’t think he has ever had one before.

As I say:  A fine bromance, my friend this is, a fine bromance with no kisses.”

And thank goodness for that!!


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