Fase Dieci (Phase 10)


And the big winner was Chiara, aka Claire

Dave and Claire just set off to Rome to pick up two friends before heading up to Tuscany for the next phase of their travels.  But speaking of phases:

During the week that we were together here in Narni, we spent many an hour in the evenings drinking apperitivi, munching on assorted nibbles, and playing Phase 10.  We played so much our cards have become sticky and soft.  We played so much that our eyes began to cross.  We played so much that we when we finally did go to bed we dreamt of runs of nine and sets of four.  In fact, we played so much that Chiara finally won a game.  Bravissima, Chiara!!

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2 Responses to Fase Dieci (Phase 10)

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    Such appropriate initials for games in Italy! You should aim to play 1605 games.

  2. anne taleff says:

    Teach me when u return! I love games, especially when I win, which could happen unless u need to be smart or something.

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