The Problem With Automobiles, Part III


The problem with automobiles is that when you need to “swap” your rental car and the rental company tells you that the only available car may not be in the same class as the one you are replacing . . . and you say, “we don’t care, we just need a car.  Whatever is available will be fine,”  the car you ultimately get might be a sardine can on teeny, tiny wheels.  Advantage to such a vehicle:  It makes the even teenier, tinier parking slots in the parking garages look positively enormous.  Disadvantage:  Even the driver has to be a contortionist or amputee.

Happily for us, although our new vehicle is not in the same class as the one we turned in, it is not the one pictured above.  We lucked out and got an upgraded class . . . to a lovely, but pre-dented, BMW.  And believe me, pre-dented is a good thing; it really takes the pressure off.


Michael and our new car


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