The Problem With Automobiles, Part II

So, Michael sent an email to Haley this morning recapping our experience at the Perugia airport re. our car swap and asking for reassurance that the experience would not be repeated in Terni tomorrow.  In the email, he carefully outlined his experience on the telephone with her colleagues and asked her to respond to us with confirmation that what they told us was, in fact, going to happen.

This afternoon, Michael received a response from Haley.  It began:  “Hello All, I apologize for the incontinence that you encountered on Saturday.”

We were shocked!  How in the hell did she know we were shitting our pants?


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2 Responses to The Problem With Automobiles, Part II

  1. John Hartman says:

    By this point, your incontinence on the continent really comes as no surprise. When you consider how easily a mis-translation can occur, even twixt two Romance languages, it is easy to see how wars begin.

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