Getting to Know You, Again



A view from the terrace

Sometimes, you have friends that you don’t see very often;  sometimes, you have friends who live very far away; sometimes, you have friends who don’t speak the same language as you; sometimes, you have friends you don’t even know are friends; and, sometimes, you have friends who all into all of those categories.

We arrived in Narni on Saturday, Sept. 3rd, afternoon.  Got checked out on the apartment, which is just as wonderful as we remembered and were out wandering the streets of the town within a couple of hours.  Not only was the fresh pasta shop at the top of the hill still there, it is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  And, the lady who helped me is the very same lady who was so lovely four years ago.  We had a brief catching up conversation as I selected our entire evening’s meal from the case.  She was happy to hear that we are going to be here for a month.

When I paid, she gave me a customer loyalty card!!!  Twenty five Euros gets you three punches.  I have no idea what a full card does but perhaps we will find out; we are buying plenty of pasta and assorted wonderfulness from the shop and the punches are beginning to add up.

This morning when I bought ravioli, she asked me again when we were leaving and when I told her on October 1st, she told me that when I made our last purchase from their shop I needed to tell them and present our card.  I think we will definitely find out what’s up with the card!  I’m so excited!

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One Response to Getting to Know You, Again

  1. Claire Christensen says:

    Near orte exit for potty. Stopping at Terni for pizza. Need anything?


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