Gelato, Anyone?


Giuseppe, the gelato magician, handing Michael a cone full of deliciousness.

That really should be “gelato, everyone,” as an imperative.

When in Pienza, a person must not miss tasting the delectable gelato at Buon Gusto gelateria.  It is located off the main street on Via Case Nuove right between numbers 24 and 26.  Giuseppe is the fellow behind the incredible flavors that you will find on offer and he is as charming as his gelato is delicious.

During our brief, three-night stay in Pienza, we tried exotic blends such as: pesto-pistachio, orange-fennel, strawberry-rosemary, banana-avocado-parsley, celery-strawberry-pear; and, single flavors such as cantaloupe, raspberry and pistachio that tasted so intensely of the fruits and nuts it was hard to believe they were frozen treats, as well as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and salted caramel, which were silken and wonderful.  Personally, I couldn’t decide if I should eat them or rub them over my body.  Since I was in a public place, however, I opted to eat them.  And I would recommend the same to each of you.  Eat them often and don’t be afraid to try new flavors.  My only disappointment is that Giuseppe didn’t have time to make the grape-ginger or the orange-carrot gelati that he was contemplating.  Guess we’ll have to go back another time.  Meanwhile, grazie mille, Giuseppe.


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