Walking, Day Five: Big Names and Tiny Cars


Cindy in breakfast room 

As I may have mentioned at the end of yesterday’s blog, given the downpour of Tuesday afternoon/evening/night, we opted not to walk from San Quirico d’Orcia to Pienza.  Instead, we decided to have a leisurely breakfast in the hotel’s breakfast room and then be transported to Pienza with our luggage.

A word about our accomodations:  Inntravel does an excellent job of booking its clients into a variety of interesting hotels.  They are all nice but can range from quirky, country lodgings to plush, city hotels.  We began with our fabulous agriturismo outside of Buonconvento and then spent a couple of nights in a Hotel Dei Capitani in Montalcino that had incredible views and was wonderful.  Our one night here in San Quirico d’Orcia was in another of the Hotel Dei Capitani facilities and, although the hotel has very posh rooms, a spa, etc., our rooms were in an annex a hundred meters down the street and they were adequate but not fabulous (for example the air conditioning took the form of a fan).  Nonetheless, we used the breakfast and dining facilities of the rest of the hotel and that is where magic happened.

A year or two ago, when we were leaving France, we figuratively rubbed shoulders with Helen Mirren at the Toulousse airport as we were waiting to check in since she was on the same flight with us and was directly behind us in line.  Well, in the Hotel Dei Capitani San Quirico d’Orcia, we literally* rubbed shoulders with Matthew Modine as we were deciding on our breakfast selections at the breakfast buffet.  I don’t think he and his wife were staying in the annex, however!  They were undoubtedly staying in one of the rooms featured on the “Our Rooms” poster in the lobby . . . those with the canopied beds and fainting sofas.  Having just seen him in “The Confirmation,” it was fun to bump into him on this trip.  We, of course, respected his privacy and only took the most subtle of selfies . . . while hiding behind the granola dispenser . . . while pretending to decide between prosciutto or salame for our hard rolls.  I joke, of course.

After we tore ourselves away from our fame filled breakfast, we asked at the front desk if we could be driven to Pienza with our luggage and were told that we could.  So, after a stroll through the village, we waited for our transport in the communal room at the annex.  And we waited.  And waited.  When it arrived, our transport took the form of a tiny Fiat Panda!  Hmmm.  Two small bags filled the “trunk” to capacity.  We stuffed our enormous bags into the back seat and made arrangements for the driver to come back for us.  Half an hour later, he appeared and we zipped over to our next Tuscan hill town.  Here’s to the internal combustion engine.

*Perhaps I exaggerate a teeny, tiny bit . . . but not much . . . shoulders did not actually touch but we were very close.


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