Earthquake Relief


We had been wondering if there was any way we could contribute to earthquake relief when we saw these posters plastered around Montalcino.  The community was collecting particular items for the victims of the earthquake and they were hosting a dinner (Euro 20/person) to raise funds.  Perfect!!

We mosied up to the area below the fortezza, where the meal was to be served, right around 7:30.  We were in time to buy our tickets, find a place at the rapidly filling tables and enjoy another spectacular Tuscan sunset.

Michael and Paul managed to find a table with four places available right next to a very nice Italian lady, who, when Michael made some inquiry in Italian, said, “oh, you speak English.”  So much for blending in.

The process for the meal was that we each got two tickets:  The green one was to be presented to the grill masters;  the pink one was for the pasta, salad and dessert station.  Bottles of wine and water and baskets of bread were already on the tables. There were huge lines as many, many locals turned out for the event.

Paul took the green tickets and I the pink.  Cindy and Michael kept our places secured. After waiting in line for quite a while, each of us made it to the head of our prospective lines and were given trays laden with four portions of each course.  It was a feast:  Spaghetti all’amitriciana, grilled ribs and sausages, and crostata for dessert.  We didn’t hear a word of English spoken the entire evening except for what we said.  We bought tickets for the lottery, which we gave to the lady next to us when we left before the drawing was held.  We hope that she won something wonderful.  It was an enchanting evening.



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1 Response to Earthquake Relief

  1. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    What a great experience! We’re green with envy. See you soon. Love, Claire and Dave >

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