Walking, Day Three: We Didn’t


Pool at Hotel Dei Capitani

One of the nice things about being a person of a certain age is knowing that one doesn’t always have to do everything according to some master plan.  As we were slogging our way up the final approach to the Porta Burelli yesterday afternoon, the four of us had simultaneous epiphanies:  Even though Inntravel had provided what looked like a delightful walk for day three, we didn’t actually have to do it!

Instead, we spent today enjoying the pool area, rinsing out a few sweat drenched garments, wandering the little streets of Montalcino, and eating a delightful lunch featuring typical Montalcinese foods.  And, although the grilled porcini mushroom photo looks like it could be some sort of slug stew, rest assured that it was absolutely delectable.

Before reading further you must know that The Italian word for mushrooms in general is funghi.  JOKE ALERT:  So, a mushroom goes to a party.  He walks up to a nice looking tomato and says, “Would you like to dance?”  The tomato replies, “No.”  The mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fun guy.”  (Is that hilarity I hear?)

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