Italian Escapades


Paul, Cindy and Michael

Part of the inspiration of this trip is the fun that we have had spending time with our friends Paul and Cindy who are from Seattle.  We have shared several escapades with them in the states and we thought it was time to up our game and see if an international escapade would be a success.  Paul and Cindy flew to London on the same flight as Michael and I but, while we headed to Pisa to spend a few days, they headed to Rome.

After a few days in our respective cities, we were to rendezvous at the beginning of our week long Inntravel walking excursion, “The Essence of Tuscany.”  To that end, on Friday, August 26th, Michael and I began our three connecting train and one taxi journey to get from Pisa to Pieve a Salti (via Empoli, Siena and Buonconvento) and Paul and Cindy hopped on a train for a straight shot to Chiusi-Chianciano where they were met by a private car to complete their trip to Pieve a Salti.  Miraculously, all four of us ended up at the right location, which was the fabulous agriturismo “Podere Caprili.”  Pure luxury.

Dinner and breakfast were included in our tariff and the dinner was delicious but made all the more wonderful by the extraordinary views out over the Tuscan landscape.  Taking a page from a book lent to me by English friends, we didn’t choose between red or white wine, we went with both.  Definitely the correct choice;  thank you, H and J, for a valuable lesson learned.


Morning from our bedroom window at Podere Caprili



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