Pisa Patterns


One of the things I noticed while we wandered around Pisa were all of the patterns that appeared both in nature and in man made objects.

We took a private three-hour tour on Thursday afternoon with the lovely Martina and, while our tour was entitled “Pisa: Beyond the Leaning Tower,” we did start at the Piazza dei Miracoli and had a bit of a lesson about that very important area.  One of the things she told us is that there are a couple of hypotheses regarding the placement of the Leaning Tower.  One of them is that the location was chosen because the relationship of its location to that of the duomo and the baptistery is consistent with the Golden Ratio.  Well, that is a pattern that I certainly wouldn’t recognize even if I were looking at the area from the Goodyear blimp but there are others in Pisa that I did see.

The gate detail above was one of the first things that popped up at me; then the grates on the grass; then the arches on the tower; the pepper bouquet in the market; the bubbles in the square; the Keith Haring figures on a mural; the beautiful,recycled  Roman capitals on the columns in front of the bank, etc.  Once an idea takes hold in my brain, it just won’t let go.

I’ve also noticed the pattern of me having a spritz every time we sat down at a cafe but that isn’t really the kind of pattern I should be noticing, so, I won’t illustrate it here.


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5 Responses to Pisa Patterns

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    And the golden ratio has something to do with fibonacci numbers (or vice versa) and Fibonacci was from Pisa! Look for Fibonacci spirals in art as well as in nature. Yay patterns!

  2. anne taleff says:

    Beautiful pictures. What is the golden ratio?



  3. anne taleff says:

    Don’t waste your vacation time answering me – I just looked up the Golden Ratio on You tube and Kahn went into quite an explanation interspersed with lots of “now this is intriguing” and I just kept thinking “this is stupid” and I no longer care about it since I don’t really get it.



  4. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    Great photos. We are back in Auburn and almost unpacked, laundered and put away. The Buster report is not a good one – nary a sign of the cute little guy. Hope he shows up. Looking forward to hearing from you with a Narni refresher as to your address. However, I can picture the parking lot, elevator, and if the pasta shop is there I’m pretty sure we can find your street.

    Hope you’re having a fun walking experience. We were a bit damp and cool on the Oregon coast, but enjoyed our time with friends and the beautiful surroundings.

    Later….love, Claire and Dave


  5. anne taleff says:


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