Torre Pendente


We arrived in Pisa mid-day Tuesday, August 23.  Our flights over were good but we didn’t sleep much even in our luxurious seats.  Our flight left Seattle at 1:30 p.m. instead of our usual 7 p.m. departure and we think it was just too early in the day for us to fall asleep.  Oh, well.

As you can see from the photo, the weather has been brilliant, maybe even a bit too warm but we have been out and about most days trying to walk off our jet lag.  That approach hasn’t been entirely successful as Michael didn’t sleep much at all last night and today we break camp here and head to Buonconvento/Pieve a Salti to begin our walking tour tomorrow.

Our companions in this latest escapade are Cindy and Paul, friends from Seattle.  They flew over on the same flight as we but have been spending the last few days in Rome.  We will rendezvous later today at which time the fun will really begin . . . if any of us can keep our eyes open that is.

Enough for now. I just wanted to make a quick entry to let everyone (all three of you) know that things are going well.  We were not affected by the earthquake here but are feeling very sad for all of those who have been.

I don’t know what the wifi situation will be along our walk but will try to be a regular reporter.  Until then, here are a few images from Pisa.  Remember, it you click on the first photo, it brings up a larger image/slide show.


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One Response to Arrival

  1. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    Good morning Virginia and Michael, We were happy to get your news and hear you were not affected by the earthquake.

    We are winding down our visit to the Oregon coast. Lots of fog as temperatures in the interior are in the 90’s. Had a perfect day of golf at Shalisam, our favorite meal so far at the Tidal Rave in Depoe Bay (what a beautiful view!) and now perfect weather in Florence. We’re golfing tomorrow and then Dave and I are heading home Sunday, a few days early, so get some things done at home.

    Really looking forward to Italy. Have fun on your walk, Looking forward to details when we see you. Love, Claire and Dave >

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