A Stroll to Nogalitos


This morning a group of us went for a walk to the village of Nogalitos, which is by the river of the same name although, at this time of the year, the river is more of a trickle.  Arturo led the walk; it was nice and quiet, rural but with some charming homes along the way.  Bob and Connie held hands almost the entire time.  Well, except at the beginning when Connie took a teeny, tiny misstep and ended up sliding down a pitch of concrete on her teeny, tiny fanny.

Along the way we were treated to star fruit straight off the tree, we saw birds of both the domestic and wild varieties, and we enjoyed lots of local color whether from flowers or from beautifully juxtaposed walls and propane tanks.  It was a delightful change of pace and a great way to start the day.

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