Costa Sur Redux


More margaritas, anyone?

Hmmm.  My Latin isn’t any better than my Spanish.  Maybe “redux” should be “tridux” since this is our third time here?  Or maybe not.  Being here is a real vacation as in pretty much vacating everything including serious thought.  This is only our second full day but we have slipped back into lazy mornings and even lazier afternoons with incredible ease.  Hot days, cold drinks, games on the terrace, and yummy, inexpensive Mexican food pretty much describe our routine.

Costa Sur is an older time share complex a couple of miles south of the center of Puerto Vallarta.  It feels like a comfy home where somebody else does most of the work.  It’s lovely.

To get into town, we usually take the local bus, which is sort of like some Disney character’s wild ride but a whole lot less expensive and a whole lot more frightening.  Michael doesn’t enjoy the rides at all and it is a tribute to his good nature that he regularly summons up his courage and gets on board.  Last night was a particularly harrowing journey.  Six of us left the resort and joined a very long queue at the northbound bus stop.  One bus passed us by as it was already full.  The already long queue grew even longer.  Unfortunately, the next bus did stop even though it already had people standing in the aisle.

Our entire queue wedged itself on board.  Each of us was hanging by two hands from the upper grab bars.  If I’d known I was going to be so close to my armpits I might have revisited my decision not to shower before we headed off.  Michael and I ended up facing each other on the madcap, lurching ride down the hill.  We were crushed together by all the other folks trying to find a sliver of space in which to stay upright.  It was almost a sexual experience.  Perhaps Michael won’t be as reluctant to take the bus from now on.  Of course, a few margaritas might also help quell his fears.

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