Hola from Mexico


Trying on sombreros in Peru

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta yesterday afternoon after one good and one great flight.  Michael and I finally flew enough miles last year to qualify as Alaska MVPs.  One of the benefits of that status is that you can use the express line at security, which, given that the security line at Portland Airport at 6 a.m. was about a mile long, was a delightful Bennie.

Apparently, one of the additional benefits is that you are wait listed for first class upgrades on Alaska flights.  We had no luck on the Portland-SFO flight BUT as we tried to board for the SFO-Puerto Vallarta leg, our boarding passes were rejected because we had been given a complimentary upgrade!  Will wonders never cease?  I was instantly transformed into some sort of a first class exclusionary snob and, when folks from coach breached the curtain dividing the cabins in order to use OUR bathroom, I was tempted to trip them.  You might be happy to know that I was able to control myself and refrain from such bad acts.

Buster is happy to be on the road again but is wondering why, when he tried on the sombrero when we were in Peru a few years ago, I didn’t purchase it for him.  It would be so very perfect for this trip.  He has informed me that if he gets sunburned  is on me.

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2 Responses to Hola from Mexico

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    Well, on a flight yesterday from Denver to Nashville I used the first class bathroom because I was only one row behind the curtain that divided the classes and I figured it was ridiculous that the people filling the 8 seats in first class should have one bathroom to themselves while the 120 or so in economy shared 2. Besides, I told myself, doesn’t the “plus” in economy plus stand for “plus access to closest bathroom”? In any case, no one even glared at me so I guess I was just lucky VV was going someplace more exotic than Tennessee.

  2. Lana Pajdas says:

    I’ll follow your posts about Mexico 😀

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