Out of India



Over Garabil in Turkmenistan

We’ve left the subcontinent behind and are now having our brief stay in London before heading back to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow.  It’s a case of good news, bad news.

Good news, I can drink the water as I shower;  bad news, a masala dosa was not available for breakfast.

Good news, I can eat the fruit at the hotel buffet;  bad news, the fruit isn’t all that tasty.

Good news, I’ve almost exhausted by supply of rupees; bad news, I have virtually no pounds and the ATM in the hotel doesn’t like my card.

Good news, it isn’t as humid here;  bad news, my hands, nose and throat feel like sandpaper.

Good news, I get to see my sweetie pie tomorrow; bad news, well, there really isn’t any compared to that!




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