Travels With Joan



Joan and Buster on the road in India

You never know if you are making a mistake when you travel with friends.  Will the journey forge an even stronger friendship?  Or, will the journey strain the friendship?Speaking only for myself because, really, for whom else can I speak, this journey falls squarely into the former category.

Joan was the perfect traveling companion and it seems inconceivable that we would not have shared this experience.  Joan talks quite a bit more than Buster but that was okay because her conversational contributions were always apt, smart, funny and made the trip that much more enjoyable.  Maybe Buster is a teeny bit better as a roommate because he asks for nothing whereas Joan insisted on her fair share of bed-, closet-and bathroom- space and time.  But, she was every bit as tolerant of my snoring (and other rude noises) as is Buster.  And, as a bonus, made no inappropriate noises herself.  Is this too much information?

Joan is also a very good sport and was willing to recreate moments such as the one below in order to give me a good photo opportunity.

When we were making our post tour hotel arrangements, I reserved two rooms for us at the Delhi and London airport hotels.  I thought we might be sick of each other and want a little space.  As I write this post in the splendor of my private, large room at the Delhi Holiday Inn, I am missing my roomie.  It was nice when I was talking to myself to pretend that I was actually talking to Joan.  In this room, when I babble to myself, I know that I am just another old lady who is that much closer to losing it.

Thank you, Joan, for your friendship, tolerance and good nature.  You are a splendid traveling companion.


Joan at western temple complex Khajuraho

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One Response to Travels With Joan

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    When we got to London I was too tired to look at email (which is how I read Virginia’s blog) so I am just now seeing this lovely entry. I, too, had a wonderful traveling companion! As all who read Virginia’s blog know, she is funny and smart and is an enthusiastic traveler who’s perspective on new experiences (and on familiar ones) is always illuminating. Her perspective, and her presence, added enormously to the richness of my India experience. Thank you, Virginia, for wanting to go to India and thank you, Michael, for not wanting to go to India! And thank you both for being such good friends to me for such a long time.

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