Seen Along the Road

First:  As we were driving from Pondicherry to Mamallupuram today, Joan noticed an advertisement for “Trojan Plywood” running along a roadside fence.  Needless to say, some semi-hysterical hypothesizing of possible catch phrases resulted:

Joan:  Beware of Trojans bearing gifts.

Joan:  Trojan Plywood:  For rigidity and strength.

Me:  Trojan Plywood: The only plywood made from rubber trees.

Me:  Trojan Plywood:  Contraception taken to a whole new level.  Be careful to avoid splinters.

Second:  Also seen on drive from Pondy to Mamallupuram:  “Life is Short; don’t make it shorter.  40 kmph.”  I don’t know if that means that if you drive fast you will have an accident and be killed or if it means that speeding is a capital offense in India.  Either way, it would behoove one not to exceed 40 kmph.

Finally:  Seen in some town we drove through:  Drools (a pet store).


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