Auntie Billee Remembered

I had the great privilege of traveling several times with my mother and one of her younger sisters, Billee.  Billee was Catholic and she usually lit a candle when we were in cathedrals.  Since auntie Billee passed away, Michael and I have made it a point to light candles for her when we find ourselves in cathedrals.

Yesterday, in Pondicherry, our group went to the Sacred Heart Basilica, the first Christian church we have been in since coming to India.  I was very happy to be able to light two candles:  One for auntie Billee and one in remembrance of my mother, even though she wasn’t Catholic.  In spite of all the good memories the action brought to my mind, it also brought a few tears to my eyes.


Candles for Auntie Billee and mom (I think th slanty one is mom’s) 

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