Should I Try For a Few More

Why, yes, I should:


Bangles sold at temple


Night tuk tuk ride in Madurai


Flower market


Children by the road

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3 Responses to Should I Try For a Few More

  1. says:

    Really enjoying all this travel without having to leave the house. Wonderful to read your blog. Had to tell you that the little girl on the left looks exactly like my dermatologist in Fresno. Really.


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  2. peter hunt says:

    dear ginnyvan and joan,
    sorry this is such a long comment, i be shameless.
    cousin peter here (joan’s), im so slow to comment only out of selfish discomfort at not being able to
    write with more (derserved!) Wonderfulness(!!!) about your SO wonderful postings! and pictures!! i am such a glutton here, Feasting on your expressive poise and delicious humor, your amazingly fruit-laden photos (so much color! variety! such stories in images! such Natural glimpses, ahhhhhh). sitting back and enjoying So Much!
    THANK YOU!!!! gosh am i / are we blessed to share in this!!! you bring a Feast!
    your stories and photos affirm to me there is more to live for than i’d let myself imagine, before, and your perceptiveness brings real riches from such a ‘nother world to mine, my “simple dumb” existence (in new jersey? simple?). boy, life has raw & real potential, the places you bring into focus feel so real -from your tellings- it makes me start to believe in wonder and joy again!
    and buster, oh, what an enviable guy, i tell ya. even traveling in the bottom of your bag would be no hardship, to get to enjoy a journey with you, your commentary being so appealing! (2016: the year humans began envying stuffed bears?)
    ive been enjoying everything. including your ingenious humor about the invisible life preservers. (i Hope they were only invisible,,,) i chuckled out loud shamelessly several minutes in front of that picture essay, the glow & intelligence of your good spirit carrying me, with your perfect “timing” and ideal photo titles, (which i hereby nominate for priceless treasurehood). amongst so many others of your generously offered observations…. gifts for us all!
    for instance learning that the kids generally smile immensely, most of the time Except when having their pictures taken. you give such room for growth of understanding back here to a home-bound pooh bear in a tree trunk.
    besides myself im alerting cohorts in new orleans and connecticut and other far flung, to your most savory journey- sharings. im sure Oodles of us beat with your pulses!
    i’ve read a lot of mark twain over the past year and if you were in want or need of some additional name designation beyond ginnyvan,(i know, i being silly), i’d suggest twain, ginnyvantwain, as your fluency with humorous perceptive illuminating and descriptive writing is a big gift to us reading.
    keep enjoying your breaths! and steps! and oh-so-many wonderous experiences ahead!
    thanks for lifting your voice ginny
    — Hi Joan!!!: )
    keep having fun!!!
    : )

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