Grand Master Riccard


Can you believe that I am still on January 12?  Will the day never end?

Directly from viewing beasts on the shore (sadly, but not unexpectedly, no tigers), we went to see a demonstration of a kind of martial arts called Kalaripuyattu.  This form of martial art is found only in Kerala and is reputed to be the oldest form of martial arts in the world (3000 years) and, as such, the mother of all other forms.  I suppose that folks from other parts of the world might disagree.

All that I know is that the young men who put on the demonstration were universally gorgeous and graceful and just generally pretty darned hunky; but, none more so than grand master Riccard.  Be still my heart.

There are many forms or stages of this art:  General physical condition, flexibility, long stick, short stick, sword, shield, knife.  You get the picture.  We saw demonstrations of many of the forms.  Each demonstration was introduced by a man who was speaking pretty much incomprehensible English.  For example, I would have sworn he introduced one demonstration as short stick against bed pan.  Turns our it was short stick against bare hand.  I liked bed pan better.

One of my favorite demonstrations was silk sash against knife.  The guy with the silk sash dominated the event literally tying his opponent up in knots.  Now, I know why one should always accessorize with a silk scarf.


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