Birds and Beasts: Part Two


Joan,Yvonne and Jim

After returning to the Elephant Court resort for a very late breakfast, we headed off to a cardamom plantation and elephant place (for lack of a more apt word).

Before I left on this trip, when I told people I was going to India, the first thing they asked was “are you going to ride an elephant?” I answered “no,” because no mention of elephant riding appeared in the itinerary. Well, I was wrong. I did ride an elephant and it was wonderful.

Getting to the elephant place involved a tuktuk ride.  Four of us in one tuktuk that was big enough to accommodate maybe three standard American behinds.  Because I was the first one it, I was sitting kind of sideways with half of my heinie hanging out the window.  Picture above illustrates.

Of course, I was lucky in that I was first on the elephant, Remba, and, so, was in the front, which was great when we went uphill and my two companions felt as though they were going to slide off the beast’s backside. Going downhill, however, the situation was reversed: My companions felt very secure and I was afraid that the only thing between me and a nosedive was Remba’s trunk. We all stayed where we needed to and the ride was completed with no untoward incidents.

Elephants are interesting creatures, they have a nice bristly crew cut and a surprisingly big mouth, which we discovered when we fed them chunks of pumpkin. We also had the opportunity to help wash one of them, which both Joan and I did and, once I got over the sensation that I was standing in six inches of liquified elephant poo, it was kind of fun.

Sadly, wifi connection still not good enough to include extra photos.

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2 Responses to Birds and Beasts: Part Two

  1. Francesca says:

    Wow! What an adventure! I know there is a lot of controversy about riding elephants when you go to countries such as this because of how the elephants are treated and cared for. Did you get any bad vibes as far as how your elephant was treated during the ride and otherwise? Just curious is all 🙂 Really cool adventure for you!!

  2. ginnyvan says:

    We were shown the stick with hook that used to be used to control elephants. It no longer is, at least at this place. I think we were told their use was banned. These elephants responded so quickly to verbal commands; it was very impressive. And, they seemed to LOVE the post ride bathing; they looked blissful while they were being scrubbed but I don’t’ want to anthropomorphize too much. I sure don’t know what is in the mind of an.elephant!

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