Birds and Beasts: Part Three

As if a birding walk and elephant  bath weren’t enough, we headed back to the Periyar Tiger Preserve after lunch for a boat ride to try to spot some wildlife along the shore.  We boarded at 5:30 pm and our seats were on the top of a two deck boat.  Of note to me was the fact that last of us on the top deck had life preservers while those on the lower deck did not.  I don’t know what that signifies but all I could think of were the headlines one occasionally sees “Overloaded ferry capsizes in (fill in the blank), India.  175 dead.”

My seat was in the front row but I gave it up to a fellow traveler who can actually see and take decent photos.  The upshot of my generosity was that I avoided being broiled by the sun that beat down relentlessly on the front row but I mostly had views of armpits and heads.

I was able to catch glimpses of otters (Hashmat says they must have a specific name but once they are the only otters in India they just call them otters), wild boar, guar (commonly called Indian bison even though they are actually buffalo), a wild elephant (not nearly as nice as Remba), and sambor deer (the largest of the four species of deer in the preserve; the other three being the spotted deer, the barking deer and the mouse deer).

Lest any of you think that not being able to see well is a problem, I should have told you in part one of this post that just being in the forest and hearing the beautiful bird call made the trip worthwhile.  The same was true of the boat ride, the sounds and scenery were magnificent.

Still sorry for no photos but I will try to add them later when I have a more robust connection.



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One Response to Birds and Beasts: Part Three

  1. Francesca says:

    Looking forward to more photos when you have a better internet connection!

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