Boating Safety


Forgive the blurriest but the idea is that the passengers have life preservers on.

Last night on our harbor cruise, the boat above was spotted in front of us.  All of the passengers were wearing life preservers.


Our boat.  Life preservers are conspicuously absent.

As I glanced around our boat, my first thought was that we didn’t even have life preservers on board the boat let alone on our persons.  But then I saw this:


One life ring and a bunch of empty water bottles.  I figured that in the event of capsizing each person just had to grab a couple of the bottles and all would be well.  Then I noticed that some of the bottles didn’t have caps.  I then figured that as long as I was there first all would be well.

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One Response to Boating Safety

  1. Somehow sad but a little funny too 🙂

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