Plumbing: India

Lest you get overly concerned by the title, be reassured, nothing the least bit untoward or unsavory will follow.  But, as I do have plumbing in my DNA, I can’t help noticing these things.

At home, we buy our toilet paper from Costco.  Big container (36 rolls) full of big rolls (a billion sheets (plus or minus)).  A roll lasts a very long time.

In England, at our apartment, the toilet paper (loo rolls) appeared to be the same size as in the states but clearly were not.  Joan and I went through an almost unconscionable number during our stay.

Fast forward to our luxury accomodations in Kochi.  When I first entered the bathroom, I thought that the toilet paper rolls was just about used up.  As I was glancing around to see where the new rolls were, I noticed that the new rolls were just about the same size as the one on the dispenser.  Seems odd to me.  That’s all I’m saying.  What Joan said regarding their size  was,  and I paraphrase, “I hate to think what would happen if we needed to use our Imodium.”


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