Marketing with H


Virginia, Joan and H behind the bar @t the George

Before I allow myself the treat of beginning my blogging about India, I’d best put a cap on London.

Wednesday dawned dry, which was a good portend for our planned day of walking with H, who came up from Hove to show us a bit of her London.

We had planned on meeting at London Bridge railway station at 10:30.  It’s hard to tell who is the most compulsive;  we showed up at 10:10 and H arrived at 10:15.

From the station, it was a quick walk to the world renowned Borough Market.  Turns out a bit of it is closed off due to rail improvements but there were ample traders to give as the flavor of the place, which is pretty darned nice if the sample of venison burger we had is any indicator.

From Borough Market, we headed over to The George, the current building on which dates back to 1676 and is London’s last surviving galleried coaching inn.  Shakespeare is said to have frequented it as did Charles Dickens . . . But, in all probability, not on the same afternoon.  We went in for a coffee but H and I, swept up in the pubness of the place, allowed Harvey, the lovely lad behind the bar, to first recommend and then make us each a lovely enhanced coffee with Monkey’s Shoulder whisky.

Leadenhall Market was our next stop.  Completely different to Borough. Spitalfields Market was the final market of the day, which was completely different from both the others.

A big part of the charm of our walk was the fact that it took us through areas where the old and the new were so beautifully juxtipositioned.  Ancient little churches right next to soaring modern office buildings.  However, the biggest part of the charm was that exuded by our personal guide, H.  Thanks to you for sharing your time and knowledge on these two innocents abroad.

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