Kochi Day One


Map of Fort Cochin, Brunton Boatyard indicated by blue dot on left side


Brunton Boatyard is located right on the harbor in what I believe is part of the Arabian Sea.  That is so much fun to type.  The Arabian Sea!  Me, a girl from the interior of Alaska, on the Arabian Sea!!

Our room is on the ground floor looking out over the water.  The number and variety of boats going by is astonishing.  There is a ferry landing virtually next door, so, we get lots of close up action of the locals going about their business.  The juxtaposition of this luxury hotel and the workaday world of the locals is every bit as mind boggling as that of London’s ancient/modern architecture.  But I’m happy with the side of the fence I’m sitting on.

Breakfast this morning was idlis and sambal.  Idlis (or maybe idliis) are steamed buns of rice and lentil flours, very white and fluffy.  They remind me of nice, light dumplings.  Sambals are sauce-like substances of chilies and various vegetables or coconut.  There are undoubtedly thousands of types.  Our breakfast came with just three, each very distinctive and all very yummy.

We took a short walk after breakfast.  It was hot and humid but pleasant.  We even made a couple of purchases of small items.  Joan, helpfully, told me that one needn’t buy the first elephant one sees in India.  I think she meant carved elephants but I’m avoiding all of them to be on the safe side.

On our ride from the airport last night, we learned that the local language is Malayalam, very melodic to my ears, but we didn’t hear much of it on our perambulations.  Instead, we were bombarded with offers of tuktuk rides complete with narratives regarding all important Kochi sights.  The tuktuk drivers, in turn, were bombarded with our “no thank you” responses.

Back to the hotel for lunch (grilled chicken salad for Joan, varthnaracha Kooning curry with thoran served with red rice and dried coconut chutney for me) and a rest before gathering at 5:00 with the rest of the Wilderness Travel group).  The official tour begins tonight.  I can scarcely wait.



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2 Responses to Kochi Day One

  1. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    Hi Virginia, Here you go! Kochi looks like a great place to start. Love the views of the Arabia Sea. I hope I will embrace the food as much as you are. I am as anxious as you are to get the tour started. Onward! Love, Claire >

  2. Pamela Abernethy says:

    Hi Virginia and Joan
    Just joined you on your journey. The food sounds so fascinating. The hotel is stunning. Wow what a pool and harbour.
    I look forward to “traveling” with you.

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