South Bank Stroll


Joan and the London Eye

Do you hear that sound?  That’s the sound of four feet barking.  Even though the guide book tells us that our South Bank stroll was only 1 1/2 miles long and could have been completed in one to two hours, Joan and I made a full morning and partial afternoon of it.

The walk began at Westminster Bridge near the former county hall and concluded at the city hall.  As the photos show, it was a grey and damp day but our spirits were high throughout as we got to see some of the iconic sights of London:  The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, Homer Simpson.  You know, all the stuff you come to London to see.

Noteworthy stops:  The Royal Watercolour Society’s Bankside Gallery, where I discovered that RWS’s definition of watercolour includes all water-based media on paper; The Tate Modern, to return a men’s large t-shirt that caused us to believe that large men in England are proportioned differently than large men in the US;  Lunch at Gail’s Bakery, where an order of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon comes with almost an entire side of salmon; the last day of the Christmas Market,where I discovered a stall devoted entirely to giant chocolate covered, marshmallowy-like kisses in many flavors;  and Southwark Cathedral, where a sparsely attended service was going on causing Joan to ponder what holy day it might be before realizing that it was Sunday.

Back to our apartment to give our tired feet a break before venturing out for our first evening on the town, which was to attend “Pericles” at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.  Oh, my gosh!! What a treat!!

If you come to London and are the least bit interested in theater, you owe it to yourself to go to a production there.  The SWP is a recreation of a Jacobean indoor theater and it is magnificent.  The production’s lighting consists of candles; the seating, benches (I recommend getting a seat in the lower level in the back row, which gives you the wall to use as a back if you wish).

Although “Pericles,” which I had never seen, isn’t one of Shakespeare’s better efforts, the overall experience was enchanting.


Daffodils in December?


This is for Suuusie. Happy memories.


Thames sand sculpture


The Golden Hinde


A slice of Tower Bridge and a bit of “The Glass Testicle,” aka City Hall


London skyline from City Hall


Chocolate kisses at the Christmas Market



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