A Bit of Bishkek in London


Morton House, Brandon Estate, Kennington, London



. . .  And I’m not talking about borscht.

Something about our London lodgings remind me of my soviet era apartment complex in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  Probably not a comparison our landlord would appreciate!  However, the 1960’s era council built building is showing its age in much the same way as my former place on Sovietskaya was.  Happily, the elevators here don’t have the same sort of latriney smell as those in Bishkek.

When we arrived yesterday afternoon, we were both underwhelmed.  As I said in an email to Michael: The photos on the VRBO website don’t do it justice and I didn’t mean that in a good way.  And the description of the place said that it had been remodeled with great attention to quality and detail, which I assumed to mean high quality and fine detail . . . But maybe not so much.

HOWEVER, after a very good night’s sleep on very comfortable beds and with bright morning light pouring into the place through the windows, it had improved tremendously.  Our good night’s sleep was momentarily disrupted by the eruption of celebratory fireworks at midnight.  From our “balcony” we could even see quite a bit of the display.

The location is good in that we have pretty easy access to the underground; it’s not so great in that the area is almost entirely residential and there aren’t any nice little neighborhood eateries.  But with the good public transport, we aren’t worrying about wasting away any time soon.

This morning, we purchased Oyster cards for use on public transport and then took off to the Tate Modern to see the Alexander Calder exhibit, which was incredible.  We spent a long time at the gallery before succumbing to hunger and finding a nice Italian restaurant for lunch.  With our newly found energy, we walked across the Millennium Bridge, wandered past St. Paul’s, and pretty much just continued wandering.  It was delightful, even the few sprinkles that came down were unable to dampen our spirits.

We didn’t make it back to the flat until after six but since we replenished supplies (crackers, cookies and cheese) on our way back, we are well settled for the evening.


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