Pont du Gard

V and M and the Pont du Gard

V and M and the Pont du Gard

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous Roman ruin.  This time our little day trip took us out to the Pont du Gard, About 35 minutes, if you take the direct route.  We did not; and, now, for a brief deviation.

We have gotten so distrustful of Natalie, our sultry-voiced, British navigator, that we decided to fire her.  I went in to the settings of our Garmin and opted for an Australian guy.  He was hopeless, we couldn’t understand a thing he said.  So, before we took off for the Pont du Gard, we selected some American chic to get us where we needed to go.  Hells, bells!!!  She is worse than Natalie!!  I swear that for at least 15 minutes we were driving on sections of highway that weren’t open yet.  Then, when we got to a crossroads with a sign pointing left to “Pont du Gard,” she told us to turn right.  We named her Gypsy given her predilection for taking the roads less traveled.

In spite of Gypsy’s ridiculous directions, we made it to our destination with most of our good spirits intact.  Whoever is in charge of the Grand Sites of France did a great job of hiding a huge structure.  You couldn’t see hide nor hair of the aqueduct from any of the roads approaching it.  You had to commit to the 18 euro entry before you caught your first glimpse.  But, it was well worth it.  There are a number of trails to walk on and many different places to view the structure.  It was stunning and, apparently, built in only five years, which is pretty darned impressive.

Happily, there wasn’t anywher on site to get a lunch.  That meant that we had to look elsewhere and we ended up in the little village of Castillon du Gard at a tiny restaurant called Les Jarres.  Another lovely bit of serendipity!  It was such an unprepossessing place but the food was divine, the service helpful,  and the Belgian couple seated near us delightful.

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