From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Robine Canal

Robine Canal

After our lovely lunch at Chez Bebelle, Michael and I decided to take full advantage of the generosity of the French parking meter and, also, of the beautiful, sunny day and do a tiny bit of exploration in central Narbonne.  Each reader will have to decide if going from flying food to a cathedral is going from the ridiculous to the sublime or vice versa.  I will not attempt to prejudice you in any way but we did visit the cathedral almost directly after lunching.

Before arriving at the church, we passed through the Place de l’Hotel de Ville where a chunk of the origial Via Domitia has been preserved.  Our photo shows only the plaque and map . . . the stones of the road bed apparently weren’t that photogenic in Michael’s eyes . . . or maybe I told him not to include them.  It’s anyone’s guess.  The Via Domitia is the oldest Roman road built in Gaul and when you stand on one of these ancient roads it gives you a very strong sense of time and history.  I might have enjoyed studying history more back when I was a kid if I had been able to get that feeling from my textbooks.  Unfortunately, I didn’t and I am hopelessly ignorant regarding most historical events.

The cathedral is beautiful and incomplete; the nave and transept were never finished but the walls that were erected give a sense of what it would have looked like and the lack of a roof provides opportunities for lots of great, peek-a-boo photographs.  While we were inside, a small, boys’ choir was gathering to have photographs taken and they managed to sing a few bars before the photographer was able to get their (partial) attention.  I wish there had been more singing and less kid wrangling; they had beautiful, sweet voices.

Before leaving the cathedral. we lit another candle for Auntie Billee in the St. Michael chapel.  I usually only light one or two candles during an entire trip but Michael informed me that he lights one in every church that we visit . . . must be that Catholic education of his.

When we finally used up all of the time alotted to us by the municipality of Narbonne, we made our way back to our car to discover a teeny tiny car parked next to it.  Although our Peugeot Partner Teepee might have been bigger than was strictly necessary, I certainly am glad that we hadn’t rented the mini!!

We followed the Hambur’Girl food truck out of Narbonne.  There’s no escaping food in France.

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