Discoveries: Large and Small

Petite Fougasse

Petite Fougasse

Today, Wednesday, November 4, I made two discoveries, one large and one small.

The large discovery:  My behind.

As I pulled on my size 8 jeans, which were smuggly snug when I left home on October 12, I realized that the snugness had morphed from satisfying to borderline uncomfortable and my smugness to moderate concern.  I continued pulling them on nonetheless thinking the discomfort might act as a deterent to overeating throughout the day.

I have to attribute the change in fit to French pastries.  As I may have mentioned in an earlier blog, our eating regimen at home proscribes dairy, wheat and refined sugar; so, pastries are darned few and far between.  Here, dairy, wheat, refined sugar (and caffeine) pretty much describe my standard breakfast.  After less than two weeks here in Cruzy, I know that the local patisserie’s specials are apricot-cream pastries on Tuesdays, sugary fougasse on Wednesdays, lucious raisin rolls on Thursdays and I won’t mention the other days of the week.  I have also found out that these special patries don’t come out of the ovens until after the standard breads, croissants and pain au chocolat make their appearance in the pastry case.  So, one must exercise a bit of patience if one wants the specialties . . . one should, of course, also exercise one’s body if one wants to indulge in the specialties without unfortunate fit ramifications.  It turns out I’m better at exercising patience than my body.  By the way, the fougasse was delicious . . . good thing I limited myself to the petite fougasse!!  Please note how I included some fresh fruit in the photo to give the impression that we are eating some healthy stuff, too.

The small discovery:  French automated parking machines are smart and kind.

We drove to Narbonne today and found a parking place very close to the covered market.  It was close enough to the market that you had to pay for the parking.  Michael went to the ticket machine, attempted to understand what was printed on it, plugged in three euros fifty (all the big change he had) and got a ticket to put on the dashboard.

Having completed the transaction, however, he was puzzled.  He thought the machine indicated that three euros would buy only two hours of time but the ticket had 15:55 printed on it.  Since he bought the ticket at 10:35, he couldn’t understand why we should be given so much extra time.  When I looked at the info on the machine, I noticed that you only have to pay for parking between 9:00 and 12:00 and then again from 14:00 to something else.  The machine automatically discounted the time we didn’t have to pay for and gave us the full amount that we had paid for.  I don’t park enough in cities in the states to know if our parking machines do the same thing but I somehow doubt it.  Of course, our businesses don’t close for lunch, so, maybe it isn’t an issue.  It was a delightful discovery regardless.

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2 Responses to Discoveries: Large and Small

  1. Susie says:

    SIZE 8 ———!!!!!!!!! 💥

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