A Walk to Quarante


It’s been a busy week with lots of out and about and then game playing in the evenings.  No down time to just reflect on what we have been doing or to blog.  Happily, today (Sunday) is going to be my down time . . . blog, maybe do a bit of sketching or painting, definitely relaxing.

Tuesday upset my alternating days of good weather/bad weather theory.  Monday was rainy and so was Tuesday.  But it had enough dry spells to allow us to take another relaxing walk over to the neighboring village of Quarante.  The vineyards on the way were spectacular in their fall colors.

On previous walks to Quarante, it had always seemed like a pretty quiet little place.  This time, we managed to walk down what must be the main commercial thoroughfare because we found all kinds of little shops and even a cafe or two.  Next time, we’ll know where to go to find the action.

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