Rainy Days and Mondays

Suzy, Virginia, Claire

Suzy, Virginia, Claire

The weather is alternating days:  Friday was sunny, Saturday was rainy, Sunday was sunny, and Monday dawned rainy.  We, however, are experienced travelers and will let neither a rainy day nor a Monday, to say nothing of a rainy Monday,  to get us down.  We had rainy day plans:  Off to the olive cooperative to shop and, maybe, incidentally, watch some of the olive action.

The last time we were in Cruzy, I discovered that the olive cooperative, which is fairly close by, has a wonderful selection of olive oil based soap.  It is the hard, triple milled soap that I prefer.  I also discovered that if you buy enough of it, you get a discount  . . . twenty percent!  My mom genes kicked in when I found that out and I determined that soap from the coop was a priority for this trip.

All  I can say is that I am glad I brought a small suitcase as a carry-on on the way over because it is going to be packed with soap and taken as a checked bag on the way back.  Fourteen bars of soap weigh quite a lot.  I managed to pass up the tablecloth that perfectly matched my outfit.  So, it could have been even heavier if shopping insanity had gotten completely out of control.

We could tell that many folks in the surrounding area must have spent the weekend picking their olives because the working part of the coop was extremely busy.  It was fun watching cars and trucks back up to the loading dock to disgorge their contents.  Some contained huge containers of olives that had to be offloaded with a forklift.  From others, small boys emerged carrying small, partially filled buckets.  Regardless of the size of the container or the age of the seller, the contents were weighed and a chit was issued.

We watched until the precipitation picked up at which point we headed off to a nearby village for lunch at the Cafe du Midi.  We had eaten there on our last trip and had a delightful experience.  This trip, the daily menu was done differently; it was a fixed menu and served on one tray all at one time.  No choices:  Two little entrees, the plat, and two small desserts.  Different presentation but equally delicious.

Using goodies from Sunday’s marketing, I fixed dinner for the group later in the evening.  Does it seem as if all we do is eat?  And drink?  And shop?

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One Response to Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    Eat, drink, shop – what else *is* there? (Well, a little sightseeing, but I can see that you squeeze that in too.)

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