Our Partner Teepee negotiating Rocamadour  as we depart

Our Partner Teepee negotiating Rocamadour as we depart

Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast.  A perfect day for leaving a delightful location.  Any nicer weather and we would have wanted to stay for a few more days.  Michael retrieved the car and brought it to our door so that we would not have to schlep our bags down, down, down  to the parking area.  Happily, he made this trip early in the morning and encountered no other traffic (not that this is a high traffic area at the busiest of times).

Back in the states, when I was trying to figure out when we needed to leave Rocamadour in order to get to Cruzy at a reasonable time, I used a website called AAPlanner, which does directions between European locations.  When I plugged in Rocamadour and Cruzy, I was told that the driving time would be somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 hours.  I figured if we left Rocamadour by 10 a.m. we would arrive in Cruzy at a nice early/midafteernoon time.

In the car, however, when I programmed the beginning and final destinations into our GPS, I was told that it would take 5 hours.  Clearly, the two programs use very different criteria in planning a journey.  We decided to go with Natalie, our Garmen navagatrix.  After all, she was in the car with us giving us turn by turn directions.

Obviously, Natalie wanted us to see scenic, small byways France.  Over hill and dale, into and out of the fog, over tiny brooks, and large rivers, through villages and farmsteads.  It was an adventure.  She did take us over the enormous, new and beautiful viaduct of Millau, which was nice, and right by the aromatic caves of Roquefort.

We arrived in Cruzy around 4 p.m.; just in time to greet family, meet new friends, unpack and be up on the terrace for the 7 o’clock flurry (the bells from the village church).

The viaduct of Millau

The viaduct of Millau

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1 Response to AA v. GPS

  1. susie fuchs says:

    Viaduct is impressive. At first I thought you wrote…your (German) Navatrix.. Then I got really worried for you!! I had all sorts of visuals!! 🙂

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