Out and About in the Loire Valley: Chernonceau

Chernonceau:  Gallery crossing the Cher river.

Chernonceau: Gallery crossing the Cher river.

After a day spent hanging out around Amboise, we decided we needed to do some chateaux hopping.

Our first stop was Chernonceau.  Gosh, what a little money and royal patronage will get you!  The walk from the parking area to the chateau is spectacular.  Even though it is October, there were so many flowers.  The forest floor was covered with tiny cyclimen . . . or however it is spelled.  The combination of bronze fallen leaves and the delicate pink flowers was stunning.  Mom would have loved it!

The first stop on our entry into the chateau proper is the guards’ room and there was a fire burning in the huge fireplace.  We’ve never seen that in any of the places we have visited over the years and it was a delight.  Maybe this is a little bonus for traveling in the fall.

The history of the chateau was fascinating.  I loved the kitchen area.  The grounds were spectacular.  BUT what most impressed me were the floral arrangements in almost every room. It’s a good thing photography is all digital; otherwise, I would have used up all of my film on memorializing the flowers.

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