Out and About in the Loire Valley: Chaumont sur Loire

The second half of our day of culture found us at Chaumont sur Loire.  In a region rich with chateaux, I decided on this place because it is hosting an international festival of art and gardens.  Seemed as good a way to choose as any.  I was pleased with my choice but Michael was scratching his head over much of the contemporary art that was dotted across the landscape.  Apparently, the artists were exploring relationships with nature:  Perspective, materials, etc.  Interesting, if not always immediately understood.

One of the exhibits, which was in part of the stables, was a HUGE tapestry composed of scrap bits of metal that had been formed and painted and arranged into the most amazing, drapey sort of wall hanging.  It covered three walls of a very large space and the amount of work it represented was mind blowing.  I quite liked it.

Other pieces were less successful for me but all were kind of intriguing, which I suppose was the point.

The festival garden exhibits were also interesting and provocative:  Black gardens, gardens as paintings, gardens of 101 varieties of geraniums, etc.

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