Da Vinci in France

Michael and I are such ignorant travellers!  Who knew that Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last three years in Amboise . . . and died there?  Probably everybody except for us!!

It turns out that our little hideaway is about a five minute walk from Clos Luce, which is where he lived and worked and, finally, died.  We spend a very informative few hours wandering through the chateau and the grounds.  Sort of amazing to be in the same room in which he slept and died.  I think that all of his genius has evaporated over the past five hundred years (plus or minus).  I don’t even know if I spelled “genius” right.  OY!!  (I didn’t, but, finally, spell check saved me).

Inside of the chateau are beautiful, small models of his machines and scattered about the grounds are large, working models and, also, large transparencies of his paintings and drawings.  It was a great exhibition.

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One Response to Da Vinci in France

  1. Matt Haydon says:

    Reliving our family trip through your photos and notes! ..You have chosen…wisely! Enjoy!

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