Amboise, France

La Petit Vigne

La Petit Vigne

Our flights to France were okay.  We were lucky enough to be able to upgrade to business class for the flight from Seattle to London and that makes all the difference.  Not only is the flight more comfortable but the waiting in Seattle is much more pleasant as well since we got to spend it in the lounge.  It seems silly, but sitting in the lounge is much calmer than being somewhere on the concourse with all the hustle and bustle of travel.

Anyway, into Paris and to our hotel with no major hiccups.

Next morning, back to the airport to pick up our car.  We had rented a Peugeot 308 (compact wagon) or similar.  We got the “or similar.”  It is a Peugeot Partner, which is a sort of mini-van.  Looks like we should be transporting a large family instead of just two large Americans.

Our destination for our first several days was Amboise, a lovely village on the Loire River.  Our home away from home was La Petit Vigne, a very sweet little cottage through a red gate and up a steep flight of concrete stairs.  I think the entire place came from IKEA.  Just one large space (with separate bathroom, of course), but so cleverly laid and fitted out that it was a delight.  It also had a very nice view over the trees in the Clos Luce.  It’s located about a 15 minute walk from the city center.  Perfect distance even after indulging in wine at dinner.

All we did our first day was wander the streets of Amboise and gaze, jet-lagged, into shop windows.  Well, I guess we did manage to find and patronize a pastry shop . . . or two. And, after those exertions, we managed a very good night’s sleep.

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