Photos of Porto

Now, is this a pastry you'd wrap your lips around?

Now, is this a pastry you’d wrap your lips around?

Before this trip, I didn’t even know there was a town in Portugal called Porto. Now, I know that Porto gave Portugal its name. I like it better than Lisbon. It isn’t as big, which is a plus, but it’s big enough to have plenty to offer. Plus, there are all of those port wine cellars (the wine is made up the river but it ages in Porto). Porto is known for its wrought iron work and the balconies feature endless designs, you just have to look up. As in many European cities, property owners were originally taxed based on the width of their buildings, so, the buildings tend to be narrow (and tall and deep), which gives a very nice prospect to the streets. There are a number of squares and green space parks.  There’s a coffee shop on every corner and have I mentioned that Portuguese coffee is unbelievably delicious . . . even without a pastry.  And, Porto has a bookstore (Lallo) that has been called one of the most beautiful in the world to say nothing of the fact that it contains the incredible staircase that inspired the shifting staircases in the Harry Potter books.

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