Plumbing: What’s Old is New Again

When we were in Lisbon, Michael and I visited a museum that was housed in a private home and consisted of a large collection of all manner of things the owner of the home had collected over many years.  The objects ranged from complete ceilings to jewelry, from musical instruments to antique watches, from fountains to fountain pens.  You name it, if there was an exquisite example of it, it was in this collection.

I, of course, was taken with one object called a “thunder box.”  In other words, a portable toilet.  We were told that because of its humble materials, it was clear that it had been the possession of some army officer.  I thought it was pretty cool.

When we arrived at our final accommodations in Porto, the Rosa et Al Townhouse, I was astonished to find that the ubermodern bathroom fixtures took me right back to the officer’s thunder box.

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