Plumbing: Reflections on Mirrors

Mirrors:  They have incredible powers.

They can be rippled or wavy and make your body go all short and fat or tall and wobbly as those in a fun house at a state fair.

The mirror I use to apply makeup gently enlarges my features to insure that most of my eyeliner and mascara end up somewhere in the vicinity of my eyes.  And it helps me to erase the bits that go astray.

The mirror I use when I pluck pesky whiskers from my chin is only slightly less powerful than that on the Hubble space telescope. It makes the pores on my face look like the craters on the moon and it makes those aforementioned whiskers look like stands of old growth redwoods. Horrific magnification, but necessary for the task.

But the mirrors that I encountered yesterday in the ladies’ room at the Hotel Aameda Palace in Salamanca, Spain, have to be among the most outrageous and fundamentally funny ones ever. The stalls were lined in mirrors (mercifully, none on the ceiling); so, no magnification just endless repetition of whatever was being reflected, which, of course, was me. Don’t be too shocked by this image; in spite of the fact that there were three busses worth of women waiting to use the limited facilities, I was fully underclothed when the photo was taken. Sorry ladies. Now you know why you had to wait so long.

It's not as bad as it looks

It’s not as bad as it looks

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One Response to Plumbing: Reflections on Mirrors

  1. Jody V says:

    Kris says, “You have taken bathroom selfies to a whole new level.” Only Virginia! ❤️

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