Buster: River Cruising

This bed's just right!

This bed’s just right!

From the moment I first tested the bed in stateroom 209, I knew that river cruising was going to A- okay with me.  The stateroom is compact but has everything a bear and his friends might need.  It even comes with our very own steward, Paula.  If Virginia leaves me in the stateroom during the day, Paula always makes certain that I am sitting like a king on top of the pillows after she tidies up the area.  And, at evening turn down service, she tucks the little chocolates under my arms, thereby letting the other cabin occupants know for whom the sweet treats are intended.

But it isn’t just onboard life that has captivated me.  On an excursion to the Mateus Palace, Andre and I foraged in the orchards and found some delectable cherries . . . a treat not often found in the bottom of Virginia’s purse.  Later that same day, at the Quinta da Avessada, I was introduced to a dessert muscatel wine.  Boy, oh, boy, it may not be quite as good as honey straight from the hive but it’s right up there and the color is exquisite.  But, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the high point of the cruise so far was meeting the host/owner at the quinta, Luis.  He’s as crazy as Andre and I and we hit it off immediately.  Luis, my new bff.

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