Lisbon Interrupted

Big yawn!

Big yawn!

A few miscellaneous thoughts thought on our first few days in Lisbon:

The cathedral was a big yawn . . . I think that the young lady shown above laid down to rest part way through her tour of the place, began reading her guide book, and was simply unable to overcome her boredom.  The cloister was worth its entry fee, however, as the ongoing excavations clearly show the progression of cultures that have occupied the site from Roman to Arab to Christian.

The facade of the Rossio train station is gorgeous and knowing that there are two escalators inside that will whisk you effortlessly up to a higher level of town is an insider’s secret.

Lisbon takes warning its guests about pickpockets seriously.  Even the gargoyles get into the act.

Apparently, St. Anthony’s day is crazy time in this city and, particularly, in Alfama.  Decorations have been going up since before we got here and are ongoing.  We saw a stall being constructed that advertised “churros” and “farturas.”  I will have to go back to find out what a fartura is.  NOTE:  Done that.  See earlier post.

Caravels are a symbol of the city and you find them everywhere from the cobblestone designs on the sidewalks to the lamp posts.

I couldn’t help but reflect on how much more quickly the Convento do Carmo would have been constructed if the builders had had available the huge crane that rotates above the ruins today constructing some new edifice.

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