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Belem: Monestry of Jeronimos

Belem: Monestry of Jeronimos

Today, June 12, we went back to Belem as part of our Uniworld cruise/tour.  The trip reminded me that I have neglected to share my thoughts on one aspect of the area that I found intriguing. When we visited with Heather and Judy, we paid the extra money to visit the cloister of the Monastery of Jeronimus, and it was definitely worth the price of admission.  The entire monastery is in the Manueline style of architecture.  Lots of delicate stonework, lots of fuss and bother, very ornate.  And, in all honesty, pretty darned impressive for all its fussiness.

One thing stood out for me, however.  Each of the arches of the upper level contains two smaller, lacy arches and each of these decorative, subsidiary arches has five scalloped edges that end in pointy bits.  It’s kind of like the beginning of a crocheted doily.  Upon closer inspection, each of the pointy bits look like a bunch of torte pans or lemon juicers.  Really, I think the design folks from NordicWare visited the place and have been basing their cake pan designs on this stone work ever since.  Amazing.

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