Before we left Lisbon for our walking trip, we noticed decorations going up throughout the city but particularly densely in Alfama.  We also noted that many temporary stalls were being constructed along the sides of already very narrow streets and lanes.  The signs on some of the stalls told us that churros and farturas were going to be sold.  All of this in preparation for the big San Antonio festival, which is gearing up right now.

Since “fartura” has a slightly potty-humor sounding name, it intrigued me the most, proving once again that you can take a girl out of the bathroom but you can’t take the bathroom out of the girl.

Last night, after meeting up with cousins at the Intercontinental, we headed to Alfama for a walk around and dinner.  The party was getting going as we left our restaurant and the opportunity to try a fartura finally presented itself.  Essentially, a fartura is a big, fat churro but without as many ridges.  Fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar.  Yum!!

Dough is extruded in a continuous spiral into a pot of boiling oil, flipped over at the point of perfect browness on one side, lifted out of the oil when perfectly brown on the other and then put onto a platform where it is cut into portion sizes.  For me, one entire spiral wouldn’t be excessive.

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